Water Fountains
Aarya Arts undertakes make-to-order for water fountains of fiber generally decorated at business places, housing complexes, hotels, gardens, luxurious flats, etc. We also undertake maintenance contract of Water Fountains.

Landscape and Beautification
Advise and undertake interior beautification of offices, luxurious flats, gardens, hotels using fiber material and landscape work.

Beautiful murals give extra touch of elegance to your home/ business places.

Portable Water Fountains
Eye-catching Portable Water Fountains in different shapes create natural beauty in a place and the water fountains are in different sizes, lightweight, can be accommodated in small place, cost effective.

Manufacture of attractive Nameplates of fiber in various designs and concepts.

Excellent equipments, tools and accessories. 2000 sq.ft. workshop and 500 sq.ft. office with all business facilities.

Dedicated panel of manpower with architects, interior designers and experienced technicians.